When it comes to custom home building, there’s a lot of hesitation in pursuing the creation of a dream home. But in reality, whatever notion you may carry about custom home building could be wrong if you’re under the perception of some common myths. We are here to provide the truth about what it takes to build a custom home.

The following are seven myths about custom home building:

1. Custom Home Building is Too Expensive / It’s Only for Wealthy People

Anything custom designed you may expect to be more expensive than the default or standard option, and this is no different with custom homes. But the cost of a custom home is under the influence of many variables including home size, style, desired location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, level of detail. In the end, a custom home may not even cost more than an existing home with comparable features.

Even if you have a modest budget, you can build a custom home. You’re empowered to make every choice about your custom home and the right builder can help you create a home that fits your desires and your budget.

2. Custom Home Building Takes Longer than Regular Homebuilding

The truth is that custom home building doesn’t take any longer than building any other home. Why? Because other than influences beyond control like the weather, the speed of the project is mostly reliant on you and how quickly you can make decisions about the home. 

The only reason customized homes can really take longer to build is that there are so many choices to make and making those choices slowly can hold up the building process. By making timely decisions, an in-house building team can execute those decisions more efficiently and build quicker.

3. You Have to Understand Design to Create a Custom Home

There’s a lot of apprehension around custom home building due to a belief that you, the homeowner, must have some knowledge of home design. But this isn’t true– you don’t have to know anything to create your dream home! All you need to be able to do is say what you do like and what you don’t like.

Architects are in their profession so they can design your home for you at an expert level, and interior designers are in the business so they can help you with furnishings and small details you might not have thought about. Additionally, a reputable home builder that does quality work should be able to help you settle on a house plan that you are happy with.

4. Builders Try to Price Gouge you with Expensive Upgrades & Features

Yes, custom home builders do make profits based on the total cost of your home. However, in this highly competitive industry, word-of-mouth referrals and a solid reputation are crucial to success. 

Builders who steer you into spending more earn themselves poor reputations and it’s not difficult to track down how past customers feel about a builder. Always research a builder before working with them. Look at reviews from past customers, testimonials, portfolios, and project galleries to get a feel for the type of company they are and the work that they have completed. 

Choose a builder who not only has great reviews but has built homes similar to what you envision. Make sure you call for a consultation before you make your final decision so that you’re confident you and the custom home builder will be a good fit.

5. Custom Home Building is Too Complicated

If you use a custom home builder that doesn’t provide good service or quality work, then yes, the process could get complicated. But the best home builders in the business serve to make the process as stress-free and exciting as possible for the client. When you work with reputable home builders like Donnelly Timmons you should not only hope for this but you should expect it!

6. Financing a Custom Home is Too Complicated

Financing a custom home is not the same as getting a mortgage and generally requires you a construction loan– which is temporary and turns into a regular mortgage once construction is complete.  While financing a custom home is different than financing any other home, working with a custom home builder with a history of great home building is key to securing approval from a lending institution for a loan. A quality builder can also advise you on financing options and help secure the loans.

7. You Must Have a Lot Purchased Before Hiring a Builder

The best builders can help you find a lot to purchase that fits both your location and price parameters. Donnelly Timmons has already helped countless clients find premium lots in the Nashville, Tennessee area. We’ll be happy to help you find your dream location.

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