When it comes to clothes and furniture, it’s easy to make modern and trendy updates. But when it comes to your home, it’s not so simple. Do you renovate an existing home or build a custom home? Many homeowners who are ready to have an up-to-date home find themselves grappling with the question: 

Should I remodel my house or have a custom one built?

Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to the renovate versus build new debate. This is because the decision depends on several factors including:

  • What you want out of your home
  • How long you plan to live in the home
  • What can and can’t be replaced in an existing home
  • If zoning laws will allow for changes you want to make to an existing home or allow you to tear down and build a new home on your lot
  • How comfortable you are living amongst construction during renovations

The Cost

You’re probably also thinking about the cost. In some cases, remodeling can cost as much as building a new custom home. Running the numbers on both options is important, but also consider that unexpected situations can arise during remodeling that can create an additional cost. 

However, rather than focusing just on the cost of each option, it’s wiser to focus on the value of the home over time. Whatever choice you make should be focused on the cost upfront but the long-term payoff– because it’s a long-term investment!

The Home Transformation: What Do You Want to Change?

What is it exactly that you want to change about your home? If there is nothing particularly special and irreplaceable in your current home, then that’s more of a reason to build a new custom home that fulfills all your desires in a living space. Additionally, if your current home is faced with any structural issues such as plumbing, electrical, or heating and cooling systems, then building a new home makes more sense.

However, if there are historical features or unique features about your home that are difficult to replicate or hard to part ways with, remodeling may be the answer since you can keep those special aspects of your home while gaining more modern space.

Will Your Local Zoning Laws Allow For Your Renovations?

If you decide to renovate, you will have to check with the local government to be sure the laws allow you to make the renovations you desire in your existing home. If you’re just making renovations within the current blueprint of your home, then it’s not likely to conflict with any laws. 

But if you are considering an expansion on your home, there could be some interference with zoning laws. The zoning board could ultimately help you decide whether you renovate or build a new home depending on whether they give you permission to renovate or deny your application. 

For zoning information in Nashville, check out the Zoning Divison Code

Building From Scratch: Creating a Dream Home

The advantage of deciding to build your custom home is that you are involved in every aspect of the building process and can fully customize it to create your dream home. 

You can every one of your specific needs met and make choices about the home including:

  • Location
  • Lot size
  • Floor plan and room dimensions
  • Style and architecture of the home
  • Flooring, windows, doors, lighting, cabinets, etc.

We Can Help You Either Renovate or Build Your Custom Home

Donnelly Timmons & Associates is the premier builder of custom homes in Nashville, TN. We also do custom additions and renovations– we especially enjoy kitchen and bathroom renovations. No matter whether you decide to renovate or build from the ground up, we consider each project the beginning of a long-term relationship. Through this relationship and our expert skills in construction, we make the process stress-free and allow you to enjoy the construction of your beautiful new home. 

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