Nearly 90% of all American homeowners plan to remodel their home at some point, and 40% of those homeowners are planning to do so in the next two years. While many American homeowners are savvy and capable of a variety of DIY renovations, not every home improvement project is for amateurs.

Thankfully, there is a more cost-effective and unparalleled option: hiring a residential contractor. Even though some residential contractors have earned a bad reputation from homeowners for missing deadlines, going over budget, and under communicating, there are a rare few contractors who will get the job done right – and save you money.

Plus, hiring a contractor for these common projects are sure to leave you satisfied with your investment:

  1. Window & Door Installation
  2. Kitchen Remodel
  3. Bathroom Remodel
  4. Room Addition
  5. Outdoor Renovations

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Window & Door Installation

It may not seem like much, but did you know that installing a new front door instantly increases your home’s curb appeal? Likewise, new windows not only improve the appearance of your home, they also can drastically improve your home’s energy efficiency – and save you between 7 and 15% on energy costs each year! But even the most energy-efficient windows have to be installed properly in order to do their job.

This is why it’s best to leave window installation to the professionals! Plus, a contractor can recommend the appropriate window style that complements your home, whether casement, craftsman-style, double-hung, or custom-shaped.

Kitchen Remodel

Dreaming of a kitchen remodel? Many homeowners are! Homes & Gardens recently published an article on the latest kitchen trends of 2022, and they are stunning: high ceilings, partitions, unique backsplashes, antique wood, glazed tiles, and mansion weave flooring, to name a few.

While one of the more expensive home improvement projects, a kitchen remodel has several benefits. The first is that you want to spend more time there – cooking, gathering, hosting! Another is that it will maximize your square footage, especially when it comes to counter space and storage. Finally, a kitchen remodel can provide anywhere from a 50 to 80% return on your investment.

Bathroom Remodel

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) ranked what costs homeowners the most when it comes to their bathroom remodels (from highest to lowest): fixtures and plumbing, counters and surfaces, labor, and cabinetry/hardware. But any costs you cut or money you save mean nothing if the job isn’t done well!

Bathroom renovations are full of difficult, and non-beginner friendly tasks like plumbing, electrical work, and tessellation (tiling). A residential contractor will know how to tackle these renovations like they know the back of their hand, and they can offer great advice for important features you might not have thought about (lighting, shower and tub options, adequate storage, etc.).

Room Addition

Have you thought that your front porch would make the perfect sunroom? Would adding a few extra square feet to your kitchen give you more room to entertain guests or seat the entire family at the table? Has the idea of expanding your master bedroom crossed your mind? The renovation term you are looking for is a custom home addition.

In truth, there are endless possibilities and benefits of adding room to your home! A contractor can walk you through what is a reality and make your dreams a reality. At Donnelly Timmons, we have done our share of master bedroom extensions, sunrooms, basement build-outs, detached living quarters (in-law suites), and much more.

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Outdoor Renovations

According to PR Newswire, Americans reported their outdoor living spaces are more valuable to them than ever. In fact, 78% invested in outdoor upgrades during the COVID-19 pandemic as they were spending more time grilling, gardening, dining, and playing with pets and children.

If your yard or patio needs a complete makeover, that is where a residential contractor can really shine! At Donnelly Timmons, we can build outdoor living areas that speak to the ambiance of your entire property. Our team is also experienced in renovating existing decks and patios.