Outdoor living space has evolved to create more comfortable spots to lounge and enjoy time with family and friends. So enhancing outdoor living space has been a big trend in home improvement over the past few years. Not only does this add to homeowner enjoyment of their backyard, but it also adds value to the home. 

With that in mind, here are 10 outdoor living space trends of 2019. 

1. Contemporary Outdoor Design

The clean lines iconic of contemporary design are no longer just observable inside homes. Now you can find indoor living design outdoors too. People are using modular-shaped pavers and smooth-textured pavers as flooring outside, and using monochromatic color schemes.

2. Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor dining is no longer just grilling and barbecuing. As people prefer spending more time outside, full-functioning outdoor kitchens are increasing in popularity so they don’t have to make so many trips in and out of the house. This means not only grills but range hoods, refrigerators, sinks, and other cooking appliances installed outdoors.

3. Gray Tones

Many homeowners are beginning to prefer muted gray and gray/tan colors (called “greige”) outside. Flooring, retaining walls, and furniture follow this color scheme in many outdoor spaces.

4. Folding Doors

Folding doors are a uniquely aesthetic but functional feature to homes with outdoor spaces. They help blur the lines between indoors and outdoors. These are glass or screen doors which fold into each other using a smooth track. Not only do these doors open up your home to the outdoors seamlessly, but they also maximize the natural light coming into your home. 

5. Retractable Screens

Remote operated retractable screens are also great for blurring the bounds between indoors and outdoors. Just the touch of a button can provide shade from the sun, protection from insects, and privacy. 

6. Outdoor TV

This is more than just a flatscreen being installed outside. Outdoor TVs are made specially to withstand outdoor elements. They are built insulated from moisture and resist the glare of the sun. They enhance an outdoor space and enable homeowners to host more outside.

7. Water Features

Running water is a soothing sound and adds a relaxing vibe to outdoor spaces. It’s an attractive feature to your backyard and they are being incorporated into outdoor living designs at an exponential rate. However, homeowners are consciously selecting water features that are low maintenance and low cost– so they can enjoy the beauty of the feature without a lot of upkeep.

8. Outdoor Lighting

Because of the increased amount of time in outdoor living spaces during the evening and night, there’s a stronger need for quality outdoor lighting. This is why design trends are moving towards built-in lighting systems that well-designed. Existing outdoor spaces are more challenging to add in effective lighting, so many homeowners are also using landscape lighting and durable string light options.

9. Fire Table

Fire tables are increasing in popularity and they make great centerpieces to outdoor spaces for all seasons. It provides a source of heat that will keep you warm during cool summer nights and the winter. Fire tables also blend in with patio furniture while also making the space more cozy and communal.

10. Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are great for adding a little extra breeze into your outdoor space. It can also help circulate teh air in your outdoor kitchen. Make sure you select an energy-efficient model so that you don’t rack up a high energy bill. 


These 10 trends are shaping the design of outdoor living spaces across the US. Are you considering the renovation of your own back patio? With more than 25 years of building experience, Donnelly Timmons provides custom homes and renovations in Nashville– including Forest Hills, Oak Hill, Green Hills, Franklin, and Brentwood. 

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