As home improvement searches have nearly doubled in the last two years, it may be time for you to consider some home improvement projects of your own. Although you may need to consider a home improvement project for a variety of reasons, the customization that comes with the right contractor makes this process even more rewarding. To learn more about common home improvement projects that your home may benefit from, read on.

Home renovations, remodeling, and improvement services provided by Donnelly Timmons & Associates in Nashville, Franklin, and Brentwood, TN. 

Here are some common types of home improvement projects:

  1. Floor & Ceiling Replacements
  2. Window & Door Updates
  3. Backyards, Front Yards & More
  4. Kitchen Renovations
  5. Add-on Projects
  6. Home Improvements with Donnelly Timmons

Floor & Ceiling Replacements

When it comes to your home, making your space feel comfortable, clean and completely unique to you can be difficult without some form of renovations or home improvements. A simple change in your flooring material or even your ceilings can alter the way your entire home feels. Some of the most common home improvement projects, whether you’re updating dated laminate flooring to chic wooden panels that stay clean for longer, or removing the old popcorn texture from your ceilings, floor and ceiling replacements can be a game changer.

Window & Door Updates

Another common type of home improvement project you might want to consider is replacing the windows or doors throughout your home. In older homes, you will typically find single paned windows that make it difficult to regulate the temperature inside your home.

The same concept goes for your doors, as they might be older, worn down and unable to regulate noise or temperature throughout your home as well. With a full, modern set of insulated windows and doors, you can update the entire look and feel of your home, while protecting your air quality, and improving your electric bill.

Backyards, Front Yards & More

Improving your home by adding an outdoor living space can be another great idea! A more common home improvement project in more recent years, the desire for an outdoor oasis has seen an increase in demand. Projects meant to transform your property can range from built-in pools to gardens to porches and more. You can even transform your outdoor space into an indoor space as well.

A sunroom built onto your home allows you to enjoy lovely breezes in the comfort of your own home. Spending time with your family can often become much more enjoyable when your outdoor area speaks to your tastes and needs, while boasting beautiful, cohesive views. At Donnelly Timmons, we have created many lovely screened-in decks that have hardwood ceilings, ceiling fans, fireplaces, TV’s – perfect for the Tennessee climate.

Are you interested in adding space to your home? Contact Donnelly Timmons today!

Kitchen Renovations

When it comes to the energy efficiency of your home, you may be losing some points or racking up your electric bill with a dated kitchen. A common home improvement project, kitchen renovations can not only provide you with updated appliances and a refreshed, unique look, but you can improve the functionality of your kitchen space while decreasing your electricity bills. Whether you’re in the need for a complete demolition, or you’re looking to upgrade your cabinetry, flooring, appliances and more, a kitchen remodel can enhance the look of your home and maybe even tempt you to cook more.

Add-on Projects

Another common home improvement project involves add-on rooms. From additions over the garage to simply adding on an extra bedroom to the main floor of your home, home add-on projects can provide more storage space or can be used to create another finished room in your home. These extra bedrooms can be perfect for visiting in-laws or college students who constantly bring friends home.

Adding additional rooms to your home doesn’t have to be difficult and can provide the perfect place to store your decorations, serve as a bedroom or be used to set up a home office. Expand the square footage of your home with Donnelly Timmons. We can ensure your bedroom home improvement project will blend seamlessly with the rest of your home.

Home Improvements with Donnelly Timmons

Each one of our home renovation projects comes with our dedicated form of reliable customer service. Our definition of service is ensuring that you are happy: before, during and after the project is complete. In addition, we go to great lengths to make this process reasonably priced and as affordable as possible.

The sky’s the limit to what we can produce and the most important ingredient is having you as our client. Contact Donnelly Timmons & Associates today and let’s build that vision together.

Beginning with our initial consultation we are able to answer all of your questions, take the inputs of your vision and turn them into a plan for your new creative project.

Throughout the life of your project, you will be continuously informed. Our specialties are construction, and they are backed by our customer service. With that in mind, you may be wondering how you can incorporate add-on’s to your home improvement project.

Let’s get together and discuss your plans and let Donnelly Timmons & Associates get to work on bringing them to life.